• Cultivate sustained progress of the Council on Race and Equity (CRE) including, but not limited to:

    • Providing funding for programming and initiatives.

    • Implementing suggested equity and inclusion policies into municipal operations.

    • Supporting CRE members with empathy and sensitivity.

  • Apply an Equity and Inclusion lens to town policies, hiring and advisory board membership, including the recruitment and development of diverse community leaders.

  • Recruit diverse small businesses.

  • Collaborate with Chappaqua Central School District and Ossining Union Free School District to integrate equity and social justice initiatives throughout the community.

  • Increase housing diversity - with options for young adults, empty nesters, multi-household families - and offer multiple entry points into the housing market to encourage socio-economic diversity in New Castle.

  • Highlight and celebrate the diversity in our community.

Equity & Inclusion