Our Platform





Over the last year, the Town of New Castle has been reckoning with the institutions that are entrenched in systemic racism. We will continue the work that was started by the current Town Board by using an equity and inclusion lens for every decision that we make. Additionally, we will seriously consider the recommendations made by the Council on Race and Equity (CRE).


Sustainability & Conservation

We are committed to New Castle’s sustainable future. We will work to earn the Climate Smart Communities Silver Certification and preserve undeveloped areas such as the West End.

Thriving Hamlets

New Castle is home to two unique and distinct downtown areas, both of which are ripe for the creation of more walkable, inviting and attractive spaces. We plan to capitalize on this opportunity with improved and expanded sidewalks and trails, new and varied businesses and a diversity of housing options.


Connecting People & Spaces

We are committed to creating more public spaces that are accessible and bring together our wonderful and vibrant community. An example could be a new dog park, which has been proposed in a Change.org petition.