• Address airport noise and air pollution impacts on New Castle:

    • Engage our impacted neighbors, the FAA, our congressional delegation and the alternate approach experts in discussion on the impacts of the change.   Alignment on this among stakeholders is a CRITICAL PRECURSOR to the FAA enacting any change! 

    • Press the County to re-start the Airport Master Plan public engagement process.

    • Insist that Million Air complete all outstanding environmental permitting and stormwater remediation prior to consideration of any new hangar. 

    • Insist that any airline proposing a new hanger needs to provide more a detailed use case than that offered by Million Air.

    • Continue engagement between our airport advisory board and our congressional delegation to increase the minimum standards for air flight equipment and noise controls.

  • Address ADA accessibility across New Castle public spaces.

  • Increase breadth of recreational opportunities.

Quality of Life