• New Castle is critically positioned within the New York City/Croton Watershed.  Wastewater management within New Castle has robust impact on the local environment, home values, homeowner costs and drinking water quality throughout the Greater New York area.

  • We have a 5-point Wastewater plan:

  1. Facilitate the conversion of both Riverwoods/Yeshiva and Random Farms facilities to more resilient management solutions to avoid environmental crisis.  We will need to advocate for our residents so that the costs associated with this are manageable. 

  2. Apply the advocacy, resolve and resources to successfully connect residences CURRENTLY PAYING SEWER FEES to sewer lines. 

  3. Work closely with the county as the Sewer Consolidation plan develops.  We will need to advocate for New Castle as this process advances, to ensure fairness in access and cost. 

  4. Pursue creative solutions for Millwood:  Establish a Milwood Wastewater Task Force of stakeholders (business and residential property owners, town staff, county liaisons) to evaluate potential options such as a building a local package plant or hookup to the existing Campfire Road county sewer line. 

  5. Secure Funds:  Make sure that New Castle claims and uses the millions of dollars available from the East of Hudson Water Quality Fund/ Department of Environmental Protection. Pursue additional grant monies (Federal and State Infrastructure grants) to support wastewater management throughout the municipality, as the environmental, operational and financial consequences of failing infrastructure are catastrophic. 

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Sewers & Wastewater